3.1 Sign Up

Signing up on OneThread is super easy. We have divided this into five parts for your easy onboarding.

1. Registration

This is the first step to signing up for Onethread.

Steps to Use:

  • A signup confirmation page will open automatically.

  • This link is embedded in the email and is valid for 45 minutes. You may have to wait at least 5 minutes after sending the verification mail.

  • Check your mail inbox for the verification link.

  • You will find an invitation mail from Onethread.

  • Open it and click the “Complete your registration” button.

  • It will start the sign-up process.

If the verification link in the mail doesn’t work, follow the steps

Steps to Use:

  • You can even copy and paste the link from your email to the browser if the verification link doesn't work.

What to do, if the wrong mail address was provided:

If you accidentally provided the wrong email address, don't worry! There are a few steps you can take to fix the issue.

Steps to Use

  • It will take you to the Welcome page. Click the “Sign Up” button to give the correct email address. You will be sent a verification mail. After clicking it, your verification process will be completed.

  • If you already have an account, press the Login button.

  • It will take you to the login page.

  • Give the email ID and password, and you will be logged in.

2. Account Information

This is the second step. Here, you provide your name & create a password for your account.

Steps to Use:

  • Provide your name and password. It’s mandatory.

  • The password should contain a number, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter & a special character.

  • Click the Continue button.

3. Add or Join a Company

After providing account information, the third step is choosing whether you want to add/create a company or join an existing one.

If you are an owner or in an administrative role in a certain company, you create a company account.

If you are an employee of an existing (already have an account in Onethread) Company & want to join that company account, click the invitation link and create an account.

3.1 Add/Create a Company:

Steps to Use:

  • Provide your company name

  • Press continue.

  • Your company is added.

Important Note:

  • When you create an account for your company, you become Super Admin.

  • You can get access to all features in Onethread, including creating projects, and tasks, adding employees, and vendors to the company and project, assigning them tasks, etc.

3.2 Join an existing Company:

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • There must be an active account for the specific company in Onethread.

Steps to Use:

  • Click the invitation link. You will be redirected to the SignUp page.

  • Write your name

  • Your request to join the company will be sent and wait for the admin's approval.

In the meantime, you will be redirected to the Company employee dashboard.

Important Notes:

  • Accessing the "join a company" feature doesn't make you join a company automatically.

  • Someone from the admin side of that company needs to approve your joining request from the pending request section in the employee directory.

  • In the meantime, you will be waiting in the lobby of the Employee Dashboard.

  • Adding or joining a company is mandatory to access Onethread.

4. Invite Colleagues from Onboarding

After creating a company, your fourth step is to add colleagues to that company. You can do it in 2 ways.

  • Sharing the invitation link to WhatsApp

  • Inviting People through the mail.

Steps to Use:

  • Copy the WhatsApp invitation link.

  • Share it with the people you want to add via the Whatsapp app.

Inviting through Email

Steps to Use:

  • Click the box and write down email IDs.

  • Click the "CSV" button to upload CSV files.

  • Press the "Invite" button.

Important Notes:

  • You can email up to 100 people at the same time.

  • Remember, use space or commas after each email ID.

  • To skip this process, click the “Skip” button.

5. Create A Project from Onboarding

The last & final step is to create a project in the company. Once you create it, you will be redirected to your account automatically.

Steps to Use:

  • Write down a project name.

  • Click the "let’s get started" button.

  • You will be taken to the Company Home Dashboard.

And, That’s it. You now have a OneThread-verified account.


  • Validation and verification: The sign-up information provided must be validated and verified by Onethread before an account can be created, which may take some time.

  • Network and infrastructure: A stable and reliable internet connection is required to access the sign-up feature and create an account in Onethread.

  • Availability: The sign-up feature may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or technical issues.

  • Feature Accessibility: Sign up process only offers company & project creation. You can't create departments and tasks or add assignees from here.

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