Add Issues to a Task

This feature allows users to add issues or concerns related to a particular task. This feature provides a way to track and manage potential problems or challenges that could impact the task's progress.

Users can add issues directly to the task, providing a detailed description of the problem or concern, assign a priority level to the issue, helping the team to focus on the most critical concerns first & track the status of the issues and monitor their progress, allowing them to take appropriate actions to resolve the issues and complete the task on time.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature

  • At least one issue must exist to add to a task

You can add Issues to a task in 2 ways:

  • From inside the Issue task

  • From inside a task

Add Issues to a task from inside the Issue task

Steps to Use:

  • First, select the issue that you want to add tasks to. The issue modal page will open.

  • Next, look for the "Issue Under" section on the page. You'll see a + button at the right corner of this section. Click on it.

  • Once you click the + button, a list of tasks will appear, collapsed by default.

  • You can either select a task from the list or type in the name of the specific task you want to add in the box.

  • You can add multiple tasks to the issue by selecting or typing them one by one.

  • Finally, once you have added all the tasks you need, click the save button to save the changes.

Add Issue to a task from inside a task item

Steps to Use:

  • Select the task that you want to link issues to in your project. This will open the task modal page.

  • On the right-hand side of the "Issue" section, you will see a + button. Click on it, and a list of issues will collapse.

  • Choose the issue or issues that you want to link to the task. You can also write the name of the issue in the description box to find it quickly. Note that, in the issue list, only the issues will be visible.

  • You can add multiple issues to a task, depending on your needs.

  • Once you have added all the relevant issues, click the save button to save your changes.

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