3. Add Dependency tasks in "Blocked"

This allows users to specify other tasks that are being blocked by the current task. This is done by creating a dependency between the current task and the other task(s) so that the other tasks are "blocked" until this task is completed.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature

  • At least one independent task must exist before adding to the "Blocked" section

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task in a project. The task modal page opens.
  • Click the + button at the right corner of the Blocked section
  • A modal will open. Click in the description box or the down arrow button from here.
  • A list of tasks will collapse down.
  • Select the task from the list or write the name in the description box to find the specific one.
  • You can add multiple tasks.
  • After adding the tasks, click the save button to save.
Adding tasks in "Blocked."