7.1.2 Board View

The “Kanban/Board View” visually represents the project items and workflow. It uses a board-like interface to display items in various columns, typically categorized by their progress status (e.g., “to do,” “in progress,” “done”).

Users can easily drag and drop tasks between columns to update their status, and the board will update in real-time to reflect the changes. The feature also allows users to customize the columns, add new ones, or remove existing ones, depending on their specific project needs.

This feature is convenient for project teams that prefer a more visual and intuitive way of tracking their tasks and workflow. It provides a clear overview of the project status, progress, and any bottlenecks or delays, allowing team members to collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions.

The items in the board view are categorized by their status and assignee. You can change these from the right corner.

From here, you can

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