6.2.18 Revised Start date/ Due date update

The "Revised Start date/Due date" feature allows project managers and project teammates to adjust a task's start and due dates with necessary delay reasons & delay factors. This feature is particularly useful when changes to the project timeline or unforeseen delays impact the original schedule.

With this feature, users can update a task or project's start and due dates, and the software will automatically adjust the dependencies and critical path accordingly. This ensures that the project schedule stays up-to-date and reflects any changes that may have occurred.

Additionally, this feature allows project managers to communicate changes to project teammates and stakeholders more easily. When a change is made in dates, the project manager can accept or reject the changes. Then, the software will automatically notify everyone assigned to the task or project and any other relevant parties.

This feature helps teams stay on track with their projects by allowing them to quickly and easily adjust their timelines when necessary. It also helps to ensure that all team members are aware of the revised timeline and can adjust their work accordingly.

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