5.4.10 Sprint report


  • A sprint must be ended.
  • Only Project Admin or Project Moderator can see a sprint report.
The sprint report contains the sprint overview and the sprint completed report.

Sprint Completed report:

It shows the full sprint report after a sprint is ended.
Here you can see,
  • Sprint duration (actual start date - actual end date)
  • Summary (completed task number, incompleted task number, Story Points earned against the total story points)
  • Total task numbers
  • Total task number of the new sprint
  • Total task numbers that were added from the old sprint
  • Total task numbers that were added during the sprint run
  • Dependency task numbers
  • Progress
  • Teammates number
  • Team Progress graph (status-wise task number)
  • Sprint-wise team velocity graph (expected vs earned)
  • Leaderboard (on the basis or earned story points)
  • Task burndown graph (ideal vs actual)
  • Effort burndown graph (ideal vs actual)


  • Go to the Sprint section & choose the completed sprint.
  • You will see 2 icons on the left of “Completed.”
  • Click the right-side icon. Here you will see the full report of a sprint.