Phase Progress Bar

This feature in Onethread allows users to track and update the progress of the phase. It visually indicates how much of the phase has been completed and how much remains. Users can update the progress in real-time, enabling team members to stay informed of the phase's status.

The progress bar can be set manually or automatically updated based on the completion of subtasks. This feature ensures that phases are completed on time and that team members know the progress.

Steps to Use:

  • When you select a phase from a project, you'll be directed to the phase modal page, where you can easily track its progress.

  • The phase progress tracker is located between the Project Name and Description, making it easy to see and access.

  • You'll notice an On/Off button on the right corner of the tracker.

  • When it's turned On, you can manually provide the task's progress update. However, if it's turned Off, the task's progress will be calculated based on completing its subtasks.

  • If a task has no subtasks, its progress will depend on manual input or the "mark as complete" section.

  • Once a task has been marked as complete, its progress bar will automatically show 100%, indicating that the task has been accomplished.

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