5.2 Add Teammates to a Project

This feature allows you to assign specific colleagues or departments from your organization to work on a particular project. It helps you to divide work and delegate tasks efficiently among your project teammates, making project management more streamlined and organized.

With this feature, you can add individuals or entire departments to a project, giving them access to the necessary resources and information they need to complete their tasks successfully.


  • Collaboration: By adding teammates to a project, team members can collaborate on the same project and share information, ideas, and updates.

  • Increased productivity: With a larger team, tasks can be divided and completed faster, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Better organization: Adding teammates to a project helps ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the project goals and expectations.

  • Improved communication: By having a team working on a project, communication is improved, and team members can easily keep each other updated on progress.

  • Easier task delegation: With multiple team members, tasks can be assigned to the best person for the job, freeing up time for others to focus on their tasks.

Important Notes:

  • After creating a project, you add colleagues here.

  • Colleagues are called project teammates in a project.

You can add teammates to a project in 2 ways.

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