4.4 Vendor Management

The "Vendor Management" feature in Onethread Project Management software provides a centralized platform for companies to manage and organize their vendor relationships and interactions.

It allows companies to add vendors as collaborators to their projects. This feature enables companies to grant vendors access to company projects, allowing them to work with in-house teams and improve collaboration.

Use Case:

  • The "Vendor Management" feature is useful when a company must collaborate with external vendors to complete a project.

  • For example, a construction company may need to work with multiple vendors to source materials, machinery, and other resources. The company can use this feature to add vendors to their company profile, set up access rights and permissions, and collaborate on projects in real-time.

For now, you can


  • This feature provides a single platform for managing all vendor-related activities, making it easier for the company to manage projects and ensure a smooth working relationship with their vendors.

  • It allows companies to keep track of their vendor interactions.

  • Companies can also easily prioritize tasks and make informed decisions about future vendor relationships through vendor performance during working on a project.

  • This feature helps companies streamline their vendor management process, improve transparency, and make better use of vendor resources.

Important Notes:

  • In Onethread, you add vendors to the company first. After that, you add them to the respective projects.


  • For now, Onethread only store & show the name of the connected vendors.

  • No further information related to Vendors, such as contact details, payment information, and performance history, is stored or shown.

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