6.2.14 Set Story Points for Task

This feature allows users to estimate the level of effort required to complete a task in terms of story points. Story points are a unit of measure used in Agile development methodologies to estimate the size or complexity of a task. The purpose of this feature is to help teams to estimate how much work they can complete in a given time and plan their work accordingly.

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task from a project. The task modal page opens.
  • Click the Story Point section.
  • Enter the number as points.
  • Click the Tick (
    ) button.
  • The Story Point will be updated.
Setting Story Points

Important Notes:

  • Story Points are the evaluation points to evaluate a task.
  • To evaluate an employee's task completion efficiency, assign a story point number to the task and evaluate their efficiency upon completion. When marking the task as complete, the user will be prompted to provide the story points.
  • Note that, the concept of a story point is entirely to evaluate the task, not the assignee. It may help you to identify the Employee of the week or month on the basis of the points.