Create Item in a Project

In project management, an “Item” typically refers to a task, deliverable, or any other unit of work that needs to be completed as part of the project. This feature is a tool or functionality within a project management software that enables project managers to create, organize, and track individual items within a project.

With this feature, project managers can assign items to team members, set due dates, and track progress toward completion. They can also add notes, attachments, and comments to individual items to provide additional context or instructions.

This feature can be handy in larger or more complex projects with many different tasks or deliverables to manage. It provides a way to break down the project into smaller, more manageable pieces.

There are four types of items you can create in Onethread:

  • Phase

  • Milestone

  • Task

  • Issue

From where can you create an Item:

You can create an item from 4 different places,

  • Navbar + Create button (Item button)

  • Company Dashboard (Item, Add New Item button, Only Super Admin/Admin can access it)

  • Inside a Project (New Item button)

  • Inside a Sprint (+ Create a task in Sprint button)

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