Comment on a Phase

This feature allows project teammates to add comments to a specific phase within a project. Users can access the Feedback section of the phase to provide feedback, ask questions, or share ideas related to the phase. They can even submit phases/subtasks for review.

Users can also tag other team members to notify them of the comment or mention specific parts of the phase they are commenting on. Additionally, users can attach files or images to the comments section for further clarity.

Steps to Use

  • Select any phase in a project and open the phase modal page.

  • Go to the Feedback section.

  • At the bottom of it, you will find a description box with various options. Write your comment or feedback on the phase and click the send button.

  • If you need to mention someone, write the "@" symbol followed by their name. This will notify them about your comment and ensure they can address any questions or concerns.

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