5.2.2 Add Teammates from “+ Add Department” button

This feature in Onethread allows users to add multiple colleagues to a project at once by adding an entire department.

This can save time and effort compared to adding individual colleagues one by one. The added department members become part of the project team and can access and contribute to project-related information and tasks.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an account in Onethread.

  • Users must be a part of a company.

  • Users must be Admins to add teammates to a project.

Steps to Use:

  • Select a project from the active project section and enter it.

  • Select the Project Teammates tab.

  • Click the + Add Department button.

  • Select the department from the list.

  • Press Add button. All the colleagues in that department will be added to the project.

Important Notes:

  • You can add multiple departments to a project simultaneously.


  • Improved efficiency: Quickly add multiple teammates from a department to the project, reducing manual effort and saving time.

  • Centralized Collaboration: By adding departments instead of individual teammates, you can ensure all department members have access to a project, making collaboration more centralized and efficient.

  • Increased Productivity: With all relevant members of a department having access to a project, it can help increase productivity by reducing time spent on finding the right person for a task.

  • Better Organization: Adding departments to projects helps keep your team organized, making it easier to see who is working on what and to allocate tasks to the right people

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