Create/Add Custom Field to a task

This feature allows users to create custom fields for tasks and add information that is specific to their project needs. These fields can be used to store data or any other information relevant to the project & task.

You can add a custom field from 2 places:

  • From inside a project task list view in the far right corner "+" button.

  • From inside a task activity page, the "Custom Field" section.

Use Case:

This feature is particularly useful for teams with unique or specific project requirements that may not be met by standard task fields. By creating custom fields, teams can ensure that all relevant information is captured and tracked for each task, leading to more efficient and effective project management.

Steps to Use:

  • Go to a project and select the "+" button from the task list view or go to any task's modal page.

  • You will find the "+" button from the inside of a project task list view at the far right corner.

  • You will find the "Custom Field" section inside the task modal page.

  • If you click the "+" button from the task list or the "+ Add New Field" button from the Custom Field section, you will see some options here.

  • Select the type of custom field you want to add.

  • Write a name for the custom field.

  • Select the preference of creating the custom field, whether for the current project or the whole organization (company).

  • Click the Create button.

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