Set Reminder for a Phase

This feature in Onethread allows users to set reminders for their phases to ensure they are completed on time. Depending on the user's preference, the reminder can be set up as a pop-up in-app notification or an email reminder.

The feature allows users to customize the frequency and timing of their reminders, enabling them to receive reminders at a convenient time. This helps to ensure that reminders are effective and not easily ignored.

You can set it from 3 places.

  • Phase create page

  • Phase modal page

  • Phase activity full page

Steps to Use:

  • Select a phase from a project. Click it. The phase modal page opens.

  • Click the Item reminder box. A modal will pop up.

  • Select the date and enter the time for your notification.

  • You can also set a pre-reminder for the reminder, which will notify you about the reminder before desired minutes, hours, days, or even weeks!

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