6.2.16 Set Task Repetition

The "Task Repetition" feature in Onethread allows users to set tasks that repeat at a specified interval. Users can specify the frequency of the task repetition, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. They can also set the end dates, and occurrences for the repetition, as well as the days or numbers the task should occur.

Once the task repetition is set, the system will automatically create new instances of the task at the specified interval. This saves users time and effort in creating and assigning repetitive tasks manually.

Use Case:

This feature is helpful for tasks that occur on a regular basis, such as weekly meetings or monthly reports.

You can set it from 3 places.

  • Task create page

  • Task modal page

  • Task activity page

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task from a project. Click it. The task modal page opens.

  • Click the task repetition box. A modal will pop up.

  • You will see three options here.

  • If you click “Does not repeat,” the task will not be repeated.

  • If you choose the Repeat daily option, the task will be created & repeated at the same time daily.

  • Custom repetition allows you to repeat a task for a specific date interval or occurrence after a certain period.

Important Notes

  • Marking a recurring task as complete will not cancel the operation. Instead, it will simply close the current task until its next scheduled appearance.

  • Users have the option to start with a fresh impression of recurring tasks each time they create a new task or add repetition to an existing task.

  • A recurring task will act like a normal task, but it will repeat after a certain period or date.

  • Users have the ability to edit or delete any repetitive task, including the main task after making it repetitive.

  • Each repetitive task is independent, and the due date for each repetitive task can be changed.

  • When creating a repeated task, providing a start date is mandatory.

  • Users will find the recurring task in the User Task Dashboard. Once marked as completed, it will appear in the dashboard again on the next recurrence time until the occurrence of the cycle ends.

  • For now, every task repetition process is based on 365 days.

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