Project Item Export

This feature allows users to export project items, such as phases, milestones, tasks, and issues, into various formats for easy sharing and collaboration. Users can export project items in CSV format, making it easy to share project information with team members or stakeholders who may not have access to the software.

The feature allows users to select the specific project items they want to export and customize the export settings to suit their needs. Users can choose which data fields to include in the export, such as task name, due date, priority level, and assigned team members.

This feature is handy for project managers who must provide progress updates or reports to stakeholders. It saves time and effort by automatically generating the necessary data in a user-friendly format. The exported files can be easily shared via email or other collaboration tools.

Steps to Use:

  • Go to any project & click the Active Task tab.

  • Select the Export button from the right corner and click it.

  • You will see the option to export your tasks as CSV. Click the button.

  • Select where you want to save the file, and the file will be saved.

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