Add status from Board view

This feature allows users to add a new status to their Kanban board quickly. Users can simply click on the "Add Status" button on the top right corner of the board view, which opens a pop-up window where they can enter the name of the new status along with the color.

Once the new status is created, users can drag and drop tasks between different columns on the Kanban board to indicate their progress. They can even drag & drop columns to their preferred area. This feature is particularly useful for teams who want to customize their Kanban board to reflect their unique workflow and project stages.

Steps to Use:

  • Go to any project and select the Board View.

  • Go to the far right corner of the status column.

  • You will find the “+ Add Status” button. Click it.

  • A modal will open.

  • Provide the name and color of your status, and click the update button to save it.

Important Notes:

  • You can create your status from the board view only.

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