6.2.1 Create a Milestone

You can create milestones from 3 places:

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Create+ button

  • Inside a project.

Steps to Use:

  • From the item form, select milestone & project to create milestone.

  • Give the milestone a name. It’s mandatory.

  • Choose the assignee. You can assign multiple assignees.

  • Provide Status & set the Priority.

  • Add a short description of the task in the Description box.

    Onethread gives you rich text support options for description formatting. Choose your preferred one and change the description format accordingly.

  • Give a Start Date and Due Date if needed.

    Note that the start and due dates are required for milestones to appear in the Calendar and Gantt chart. The start date must not exceed the due date.

  • Set Reminders (if needed).

  • Add Dependency Task (if required).

  • Press the “Create” button.

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