5.4.7 Add/ Create/ Remove Task in ongoing Sprint


  • Must have at least a running sprint to the project

  • Must have the “ Add and remove tasks from ongoing sprint” option On.

  • Only Project Admin or Project Moderator can add/create/remove tasks from a sprint.


  • Go to the Sprint section from the Sprint tab. Here, you will find the running Sprint name with a start date and end date and some tasks.

  • Click the arrow on the left of that created Sprint. It will collapse and show you the task list.

  • Click the “+ Add Tasks” button to add more tasks.

  • Click the “+ Create Task in Sprint” button to create tasks inside the running sprint.

  • Tick any added task from the task list. Then the “Remove Task from Sprint” button will get activated.

  • Click it. A confirmation message will open to ensure whether you want to remove the task from the sprint.

  • Press “Remove.” The task will be removed from Sprint.

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