5.3.3 Unarchive a project

The "Unarchive a project" feature in Onethread allows users to retrieve previously archived projects. Archived projects are stored in a separate section of the software and can be restored to the main projects list using this feature.

Use Case:

This is a useful tool for users who need to retrieve past projects or make changes after archiving them.

By unarchiving a project, users can resume work on it as if it had never been archived. This feature helps users to keep their projects organized and easily accessible.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an account in Onethread.

  • Users must be a part of a company.

  • Users must be Super Admins/Admins to use this feature..

Steps to Use:

  • Select an archived project from the Active Projects list of your company.

  • Tick it. The unarchive button will get activated.

  • Click the button.

  • Press Yes.

Important Notes:

  • When your projects are unarchived, their status changes to Ongoing.


  • Preventing Loss and Forgetting: Unarchiving a project when needed can ensure that important projects are not lost or forgotten.

  • Continued collaboration: If a project was archived because it was temporarily on hold, unarchiving it can allow team members to pick up where they left off and continue collaborating on the project.

  • Increased flexibility: The ability to unarchive a project gives users greater flexibility in managing their projects. Projects can be archived when they are no longer needed and unarchived when they are needed again.

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