Copy Public URL for Phase

This feature lets users quickly copy a public URL for a specific project phase. This URL can then be shared with others who may not have access to the Onethread system, allowing them to view the task details without needing to log in.

This feature can be handy for sharing project updates with clients or stakeholders not directly involved in the project management process.

Steps to Use:

  • Select a phase from a project. The phase modal page opens.

  • Click the Copy Public URL section. It will copy you the link for that phase.

  • Provide it to anyone who has not a Onethread account yet.

  • Click the link, paste it to a tab, and it will open the task.

  • You will get to see the whole task activity page from here.

Important Notes:

  • A person who does not have an account in Onethread can only see a phase's information from that URL.

  • They can't change or edit anything about that phase from the URL.

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