4. Remove Dependency tasks from "Blocked"

This allows users to remove the dependency relationship between tasks, specifically when the dependent task is in the "Blocked" status.

This feature can be helpful when the task that was blocking the dependent task is now unblocked, or when there is a change in the task's priority that makes it unnecessary to keep the dependency relationship. By removing the dependency, the user can adjust the schedule and dependencies of the tasks, and reorganize the project plan accordingly.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature

  • A task must have at least one task added to its "Blocked" section

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task in a project. The task modal page opens.

  • Click the down arrow button at the left of the Blocked section

  • A list of added tasks will be visible.

  • Select the task you want to remove from the list.

  • Click the cross (x) button at the right of that task. The task will be removed.

  • You can remove multiple tasks.

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