View Revised Number of Start Date/Due date of a Task

This feature allows users to view the number of times that a task's start or due date has been revised. This information can help understand the history of a task and identify what may require (additional attention or resources) to ensure that they are completed on time.

If the start or due date of the task has been revised, the number of revisions will be indicated next to the relevant change in the timeline (activity section). This can give users an at-a-glance view of how often the task's date has been adjusted and help identify tasks at risk of falling behind schedule.

You can view it from 2 places:

  • Task activity section

  • Task list view

View inside of a task activity section

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task whose start date/ due date has been revised from a project. The task modal page opens.

  • Click the activity section.

  • Here you will find the number of the proposed deadline revision for this task.

View from the Task list views

Steps to Use:

  • First, click the Preference button. Select the No. of Revision option from the Visible Column section.

  • In the list view table, a column will be added with this name, and from there, you can view the no of revisions for tasks.

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