4.2.1 Colleague

Adding people to the company is the next thing you do after creating a company.

Colleagues are the people who will work on your projects. Once you’ve invited a colleague, they will receive an email invitation to create an account and join your company.

It allows you to add new members to your company. By entering their names and email addresses and assigning them roles, you can easily add/invite new colleagues to collaborate on your projects.

With this feature, you can easily manage and collaborate with your team members in one place, ensuring that everyone has access to the information and tools they need to succeed.


  • Collaboration: Colleagues can collaborate on projects, share information and ideas in discussion, and work together in real-time.

  • Access to Company Resources: Colleagues will have access to company resources such as projects, tasks, and company-wide communication.

  • Improved Workflow: Adding colleagues helps to improve workflow by enabling individuals to share work and delegate tasks.

  • Increased Productivity: By allowing colleagues to work together, productivity can be increased, which results in quicker project completion.

With Onethread, you can,

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