Dependency Task

The "Dependency task" feature in Onethread allows users to establish a relationship between tasks to indicate the sequence in which they need to be completed.

This feature is helpful when there are interdependencies between tasks, and completing one task is necessary for starting another. Users can add a task in the blocked by section as dependent on another task or in the blocked section to make it a prerequisite for another task.

Use Case

When a task is marked as dependent, its start date will be automatically adjusted based on the end date of the task it depends on. This helps in ensuring that tasks are completed in the correct order, and prevents delays that may arise due to the wrong sequence of tasks. This feature helps in managing project timelines more effectively and ensures that project progress remains on track.


  • Improved project planning: By identifying task dependencies, a project plan can be created to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order and reduce the risk of delays.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Dependency tasks facilitate team collaboration and efficiency by communicating how each member's work impacts other parts of the project.

  • Better resource allocation: Using dependencies, project managers can allocate resources more effectively by identifying which tasks must be completed first. This ensures team members are not waiting on others and helps keep the project on track.

  • Increased transparency: Making dependencies visible to the whole team increases transparency and helps team members understand the project's progress, aligning everyone towards the same goals.

  • Better risk management: Identifying dependencies allows project managers to understand the critical path and potential risks, enabling proactive issue addressing and changes to the plan to minimize risk.

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