6.1.1 Create a Phase

A phase is a major stage or component of a project, typically defined by specific goals, timelines, and deliverables.

Users can create a new phase by providing names, descriptions, start and end dates, and other relevant details. They can also assign team members to the phase and set permissions for access and editing.

You can create phases from 3 places:

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Create+ button

  • inside a project.

Steps to Use:

  • From the item form, select phase & project.

  • Give the phase a name. It’s mandatory.

  • Choose the assignee. You can assign multiple assignees to a phase.

  • Provide Status & set the Priority.

  • Add a short description of the task in the Description box.

    Onethread gives you rich text support options for description formatting. Choose your preferred one and change the description format accordingly.

  • Give a Start Date and Due Date if needed.

    Note that the start and due dates are required for phases to appear in the Calendar and Gantt chart. The start date must not exceed the due date.

  • Set Reminders (if needed).

  • Add Dependency Task (if required).

Important Notes:

  • You can only assign the phases to those already added to the specific project in which the phases have been created.

  • The color of the phase is green, and a small green square can be seen beside it.

  • You can provide and change the start date & due date for a phase task. To change dates, you must provide the delay reason & factors.

  • In a phase, you can add task reminders, issues, dependencies, subtasks, and attachments.

  • You can submit a phase or a subtask of a phase. To submit, click the submit button and provide the total spent house, reviewer’s name (can add multiple reviewers), description, and files, and click the submit button.

  • You can copy the public URL of the task and share it with anyone.

  • Clicking on the “mark as complete” button will complete the task.

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