5.4.1 Create a Sprint


  • Users must have a onethread account.

  • Users must have to be part of a company.

  • Users must have access to the project.

  • Only Project Admin or Project Moderator can create a sprint.


  1. Select any project from the project tab

  2. click the Sprint tab.

  3. Click the “New Sprint” button. A form will open. In the form, providing the sprint name, goal, duration, estimated start date, and estimated end date is mandatory.

  4. Select your desired project in which you will create a Sprint.

  5. Provide the Sprint goal.

  6. Set the duration of the Sprint.

  7. Set the Estimated Start Date from the calendar

  8. Set the Estimated End Date from the calendar

  9. Choose whether to start a sprint auto or not.

  10. Choose whether to end a sprint auto or not.

  11. Choose whether to add or remove tasks from an ongoing sprint or not.

  12. After providing all the above information, click the “Create Sprint” button. Your Sprint is created.

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