Edit a Department

This feature allows administrators to make changes to existing departments within the company. This includes updating the department name and colleagues.

Pre-conditions to use the Feature:

  • Users must have an account in Onethread.

  • Users must be a part of a company.

  • A department must exist in a company.

  • Users must be Super Admin/Admin.

Steps to Use:

  • Go to the Employee Directory

  • Click the Department tab.

  • Click the edit button (beside the delete button) and edit the name.

  • Press Update button

To understand the full flow more clearly, watch this video.


  • This feature enables administrators to keep the department information & colleagues up to date and accurate, which helps in better organization and management of the departments within the company.


  • Currently, there is no option to add/edit descriptions and other related details for a specific department.

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