View Delay reason & factors of Revised Start Date/Due date

It allows viewing the delay reasons and factors that led to a change in a task start or due date. This may include information such as unforeseen delays, changes to the project scope or requirements, or resource constraints.

This feature can be particularly useful for understanding why a delay occurred and what steps can be taken to prevent similar delays in the future.

You can view it from 2 places:

  • Task activity section

  • Task list view

View inside of a task activity section

Steps to Use:

  • Select a task whose start date/ due date has been revised from a project. The task modal page opens.

  • Click the activity section.

  • Here you will find the proposed revision of the deadline for this task with a reason for the delay.

View from the Task list views

Steps to Use:

  • First, click the Preference button. Select the Reason For Delay & Delay Factors option from the Visible Column section.

  • In the list view table, these two columns will be added and from there you can view the delay reason along with delay factors for tasks.


  • By understanding the reasons and factors behind a delay, project managers and team members can take steps to mitigate similar delays in the future.

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