7.6.1 Create an Issue

You can create issues from 3 places:

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Create+ button

  • inside a project

Steps to Use:

  • Click the "Item" button from the Create + button at the top right corner, or “New Item” button from a Company dashboard or a Project dashboard, or the “+ Create a task in Sprint” button from inside a Sprint.

  • A form will appear. You can create Phases, Milestones, Tasks, and Issues from here.

  • Select the Issue & project.

  • Give the issue a name.

  • Give a Start Date and Due Date if needed. Note that, the start date must not exceed the due date.

  • Choose the assignee. You can assign multiple assignees to a task.

  • Provide Status & set the Priority.

  • Set Reminders (if needed).

  • Add a short description in the Description box.

  • Onethread gives you rich text support options for description formatting. Choose your preferred one and change the description format accordingly.

  • Click the + button at the right of the Issue Under section. A box with a task list will open.

  • Add the issue with the specific task.

  • Create subtasks in the issue (if needed)

  • Add attachments to the issue (if needed)

  • After providing all the necessary information & checking, hit the “Create” button.

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