7.1 Different Views for Item

It allows users to view and organize project items (such as phases, milestones, tasks, and issues) in multiple ways. It provides users with various view options to help them focus on the items they need to work on and better understand their project’s progress.

One of the views available is the List view, which shows all items in a list format. Users can sort, filter, and search for items based on different criteria.

Another view is the Kanban/board, which displays items in columns based on their status. Users can move items between columns to update their status and prioritize their work.

The Calendar view is another option that shows items in a calendar format, with their due dates displayed on the appropriate dates. This view benefits users who need to plan their work around specific dates or deadlines. Finally, the timeline view provides a visual representation of all items in a project, showing their start and end dates and their progress over time.

The Gantt chart view visually represents the project timeline, critical path, revised critical path, etc., showing each task's start and end date and how they relate.

With this feature, users can choose the view that best suits their needs and preferences, making it easier to stay organized and focused on their project tasks. They can also switch between views, providing a comprehensive and flexible project management solution.

Onethread offers four view modes. These views can be accessed from both outside and inside of projects.

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