Delete status from Board view

This feature allows users to remove a status column from the Kanban or Board view. This feature is helpful for project managers who want to update the workflow of their projects by removing a status column that is no longer needed.

Steps to Use:

  • Go to any project and select the Board View.

  • Click the 3 dots of any status you want to delete and click it.

  • Choose the delete option and click it. A modal will open. There will be a warning message regarding deleting a status that will delete tasks, files, comments, etc. Beware of deleting or moving tasks to another status before deleting.

  • Click the "Yes, delete status" button. The status will be deleted along with the tasks within.

Important Note:

  • It's important to note that deleting a status column can affect the progress of tasks or items associated with it.

  • Therefore, it is recommended that users carefully consider the impact before deleting a status column and make sure that all tasks or items are appropriately moved to another column before deletion.

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