6.2.17 Access Custom Field

This feature allows users to create custom fields to track specific information related to their tasks. These custom fields can be accessed and modified by authorized project teammates and can be used to store additional information that is not included in the default task list view column.

This feature allows you to add.

  • Text

  • Number

  • Dropdown list

  • Multiple choice selection

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • Currency

Important Notes:

  • You can create a custom field from the (+) button in the task list view located at the far right corner & inside a task activity page.

  • You can edit and update their names and input information accordingly.

  • You can access the created fields & add/delete/activate/deactivate different fields from here.

  • Users can also set up custom field templates that can be applied to the current project or whole organization (company).


  • This feature allows for greater flexibility and customization in managing tasks and projects and can help teams to track better the specific information that is most relevant to their work.

From here, you can,

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